6 Reasons You May Need Offsite Commercial Storage

When you think of self-storage, you may picture colored plastic bins full of holiday decorations. However, many storage facilities offer options for a range of different clients, including business owners.
In fact, many, small- to mid-sized businesses thrive with the additional space and organization that a commercial storage unit can provide. As you look for ways to enhance your business, you may need to consider taking some of your business items offsite for storage purposes.
In this blog, we list six of the common reasons that business owners lease commercial storage units.

1. Documents and Backup Records

One of the most common reasons businesses use commercial storage is to house their records. These records may include copies of paper documents as well as backups of hard drives, video footage, and other digital or analog recordings.
When you are interested in self-storage for this purpose, consider a facility that offers document storage specifically. If your records include any non-paper items, then you may need climate control to eliminate the risk of environmental damage.

2. Inventory

Another common reason for businesses to use offsite storage units is to manage inventory that simply does not fit on their showroom floors and stockrooms in their primary location. This issue is commonly seen in smaller retail shops.
Whatever your products, most commercial storage units can accommodate your inventory overflow needs.

3. Off-Season Items

In addition to regular inventory, you may need self-storage to keep off-season items safe and in good condition until they become relevant to your clientele once again. This type of commercial storage can work even if your business is in a remote location since you won’t have to access the unit as often.
Before placing any items in long-term storage, be sure to create a complete inventory list and pack each item appropriately.

4. Portable Supplies

Many businesses, such as catering and events companies, keep a large number of portable supplies on hand. While you may need to keep some of these items at your primary location, other items may see less use and seem to get in the way.
Offsite storage ensures that you can invest in a wide range of supplies to serve your clients and stay competitive in your industry without worrying about having too many cups or stackable chairs in your stockrooms.

5. Promotional Materials

Regardless of your industry, you likely use sales meetings, conventions, and presentations to broaden your audience. You may make handouts, flyers, posters, visual aids, grab bags, and other promotional materials for these events, but find that you don’t have a good place to put these items afterward.
Offsite storage can allow you to keep adequate promotional materials in stock for your next event -without cluttering up your daily workspace.

6. Storage During Renovations

Whether your primary location needs renovations to remediate water damage or simply to update its appearance, you may find it hard to keep dust and construction debris out of your documents, computer equipment, furnishings, and other office items during the remodeling.
Short-term commercial storage can provide the ideal solution when your brick and mortar location is temporarily unavailable.
If you recognize some of your own needs on the list above, then consider investing in an offsite commercial storage space for your company. Some of these facilities offer pick-up services and 24- hour access. Discuss your options with a local facility offering commercial storage services to determine the next step in increasing your business’ productivity.
For commercial storage with unit sizes and features to fit your business’ needs, trust our team at Secure Storage Center. Give us a call to learn more.