Packing Tips for Short-Term Storage

Everyone, at some point, relies on storage for a range reasons. Some people are moving between cities and need a short-term place to store their possessions (while homes are bought and sold, rentals acquired, or new neighborhoods sought). Storage units can be an essential tool for moving, consolidating, or creating space in your home or business. Packing your belongings appropriately and loading your unit in a logical way can optimize the space.
Here are general guidelines from the experts at Secure Storage Center to help you pack for short-term storage:
Temporary storage is a great solution for a move, renovation, or even spring cleaning venture. A short-term storage rental allows you to move specific items out of the way so that you have to deal with only the belongings you actually need during the given period.
Use the following best practices:
Start With the Fragile Items: While you don’t need to box up every item for temporary storage, you should spend some time in shielding your delicate items.
Sculpture, digital appliances, and dinnerware should be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and placed in a large box that can be filled with packing materials.
Create Space for Easy Movement: Chances are, you’ll frequently be visiting a unit
you’re using for a short term much more than you will go to a unit you’re using for a long period. Leave paths or even a large open space so that you can sort smaller items within the unit without unloading.
Think About the Arrangement in Your Unit: As you collect items for storage, think about the next time you might need them. You can pack items you won’t need for awhile in boxes and leave belongings that should be accessible in baskets, in suitcases, and on bookshelves.
Put the items you’ll need sooner rather than later close to the entrance of the unit.
These recommendations can help you get the most out of your storage unit, even when you’re only reserving the space for a brief period.
Use these recommendations to ensure that your items stay safe and are easily reachable the next time you come to the storage unit.
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