Storing Your Dirt Bike for Winter: Tips to Follow

While many people enjoy converting their powerful dirt bikes into snow bikes for winter riding, you may prefer to let your trusty bike take a rest for the winter season. Placing your dirt bike in storage is the ideal way to keep the pricy piece of equipment protected and ready for spring use again.

Renting a covered storage unit to house your bike has many benefits: a professional facility to keep surveillance on your equipment at all hours, free space at your home and coverage designed entirely for your dirt bike’s needs. Before you take your ride to your local storage unit facility, make sure you do the following things first for optimum winter storage.

Wash Your Dirt Bike

Washing your dirt bike before storage helps protect bolts, the chain and other components of your bike. Use a degreasing agent appropriate for dirt bike and motorcycle use to remove buildup caused by antifreeze, oil and other fluids.

Completely dry your bike before you take it to the storage unit, using a soft cotton rag, leaf blower or a low-powered air compressor. Once your bike has been thoroughly cleaned, you can move on to the next step.

Inflate Your Dirt Bike Tires

Air pressure is greatly affected by weather when it comes to both vehicle and dirt bike tires. In the summer, the heat causes your tire pressure to raise; in the winter the opposite occurs. Inflate your tires to their appropriate capacity before putting your dirt bike in storage.

Take Care of Your Dirt Bike’s Gas Tank

You can drain your dirt bike’s gas tank if you don’t plan on doing any early spring riding and will have your equipment in winter storage for many months. If you plan on riding once spring comes around, you will want to invest in a fuel stabilizer instead. A fuel stabilizer is a chemical agent designed to protect your dirt bike’s engine when it is placed in storage and not going to be ridden for long periods of time.

Lubricate Your Dirt Bike

Lubricate areas of your dirt bike that need to have motion, such as your bike chain and kickstand (if applicable). It’s important to lubricate your bike after washing it so the fresh lubricants can remain where you place them.

Change Your Dirt Bike’s Oil and Filter

Finally, you need to change your dirt bike’s oil and filter before you place the unit in storage. Fresh oil ensures a healthier-running bike when you start it for the first time after storage.

If you haven’t changed or filled the other fluids such as antifreeze, fill these as well. If the fluids are dark in color or have debris in them, change them completely.

Covering your dirt bike with a custom cover can help protect the equipment against scratches and other issues while you are traveling with it. Once you get to your storage unit, you can remove the cover or keep it on the bike longer for added protection.

Your storage unit facility representative is able to help you choose the best storage unit for your dirt bike winter housing. You can choose a covered port, fully enclosed storage unit or even a temperature-controlled unit for your personal use.

Renting a storage unit for your dirt bike helps you maintain the quality of your machine while helping to increase its overall longevity. When you make the right preparations to get your dirt bike winter ready, you can expect a reliable ride in the spring. Call our friendly representatives at Secure Storage Center to discuss your storage needs. We have a storage unit for nearly every type of equipment.